6. Our rights to withdrawal from an agreement

Bellevue Escort will do everything to meet the client’s personal wishes as well as all agreements. If the booked escort should cancel the date due to illness or an accident, Bellevue Escort will suggest another escort. If the client refuses the suggested substitute, all agreements are then void and the date cancelled. Bellevue Escort will reimburse any payment made prior to the cancelled date. This will be transferred back to the client’s account. Bellevue Escort will take full responsibility for any cancellation fee on condition that the client acquired travel insurance.

Bellevue Escort will not consider any other claims for compensation.

Bellevue Escort and/or the Escort reserve the right to cancel without adherence to any deadline prior to the reservation if the client acts in contrary to the terms of agreement. In this case, Bellevue Escort will not replace any costs and will retain the pre-payment of 30% as a substitution for our own expenses.