Dinner in the sky Vienna

A heavenly dinner in Vienna

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Than take the opportunity to invite your charming companion to „Dinner in the Sky“ from 26.06.-05.07. and from 11.09.-20.09.20. An exclusive dinner experience on a free-floating platform 50 m above the ground. The heavenly experience starts with a warm welcome from the competent ground staff. The friendly ladies and gentlemen introduce the guests to the safety instructions. Guests take their seats in a kind of airplane seat with corresponding belt technology. This jet seat will be yours for the next 80 minutes. Ready for takeoff! The food servery, bar and dining room are located on the platform, which is now transported to the lofty heights of 50 m by crane. The floating table for 22 guests is served by a star cook and a service team from the centre of the table. Close to heaven you and your charming escort from vienna expect the finest culinary delights.
The chef of the day spoils his guests with a fantastic four-course menu. Besides the menu and the duration of the event, guests can choose between 5 different packages: Dinner in the Sky, approx. 80 minutes, a 4-course menu is served. In addition, “Lunch in the Sky” is offered, 40 minutes, for a 3-course lunch menu. The brunch menu will give you breathtaking impressions for 30 minutes, and a “Cocktail in the Sky” is on offer, 25 minutes. Also a flight to a “Late Night Dinner” is possible, 60 minutes, for a 3 course lunch menu. Regardless which option you choose, the spectacular view over Vienna is always included. This special dinner will remain in special memory for you and your Vienna escort lady for a long time.

The Dinner in the Sky series of events is also takes place in many other countries. For example in Italy, Hong Kong, Finland and also in Germany, gourmets have the opportunity to enjoy haute cuisine at a lofty height. Bellevue escort service in vienna stands for pure joy and the pleasure of meeting a beautiful girl that will definately meet all your expactations.