Escort massage girls – Massage escort services

A massage brings ultimate relaxation after a busy day in the office, a long flight or a stressful car journey. There are umpteen more reasons to treat yourself to a massage that relaxes more than just your neck. Our escort ladies or more precisely, the Massage Escort Models of Bellevue bring relaxation from head to toe directly into your hotel room. A massage escort date is to be booked for 1-2 hours, sex and kissing are not possible. Nevertheless, the tenderly gliding hands of your exciting escort masseuse pamper your body, fulfill long-cherished wishes. She makes you feel you are her most important man. Currently massage dates are available in Hamburg and Berlin


We offer our gentlemen an exceptionally varied (massage) experience. Besides wellness massages, Thao, foot fetish massage and aroma massage, the models also massage sensual-erotic. Talk to us openly about how you imagine the processing of you massage date. All massages and each Massage Escort gives closeness and intimacy, paired with exciting tension. By the way, the foot fetish massage is the only application where our clients are allowed to be actively involved. We kindly ask you to inform us of your preferences when booking: Outfit, stockings or bare feet, tickling, kissing feet or …….

Luxury feelings – Massage dates – Hotel visits

For a mobile massage, a luxurious hotel room offers the best backdrop. Dimmed light and candles conjure up a harmonious, cosy atmosphere. You are in an absolutely passive position, surrounded by the scent of high quality natural oils, in the company of a beautiful lady in seductive lingerie whose hands devotedly  caress and massage your body.
A sensual attention from the first hello until your masseuse will satisfy all your needs , a break from everyday life and source of new energy.

We follow corona hygiene rules

The health of our ladies and gentlemen has top priority . Massages are currently performed with mouth protection, if desired also with disposable gloves, the appropriate distance is always given during a massage. The mobile massage benches of our ladies are professionally cleaned and disinfected after each use. Hand hygiene is a matter of course for the ladies as well as for the men.