High Heels

Escort ladies in high heels – Escorts service high heels

High Heels EscortA rendezvous with an escort lady from our agency in Hamburg offers the discerning gentleman a great opportunity for an individual leisure experience. All Bellevue escorts are warm-hearted, uncomplicated and full of the joys of life. They love to devote their full attention to their companion, and if he’s totally happy it makes them happy. The client’s happiness starts at first glance: every Bellevue escort lady is a treat for the eyes. And this heavenly effect is reinforced by classic high heels. Your escort lady’s 10 cm stilettos make her legs seem longer, giving her a swaying and exciting feminine walk. High heels are not just in fashion now – they are always in fashion! Businesswomen wear them in the office, well-dressed women wear them in everyday life, and escort ladies don their favourite high heels to look elegant and sexy, arousing male fantasies. Men love the sight of a woman’s feet in high heels, and if the woman adds silk stockings to her 10 cm high heels, her date will be bowled over! Women are well aware of the effect that high-heeled shoes have on the male sex, and that’s why they love their high heels. There’s no need to make a point of asking the escort lady to wear high heels to a date: for a Bellevue escort, this goes without saying, unless she is invited to something that has more of a sporty or leisure character.
Are you wondering exactly what stilettos are? The word stiletto is a synonym for the term high heels. The heels themselves must be at least 10 cm (4 inches) high, and pencil-thin.

Sex in a high position – High heels in bed

We know that sex toys, erotic role play, love talk, silk scarves and feathers can enrich the amorous experience. But high heels are also perfect for wearing in bed. They are seductive, exciting and wicked. And of course we’re not talking about street shoes here. Our escort ladies’ bed collections are a woman’s true weapons, with 14 cm pencil-thin heels that make any man’s heart beat faster. Just imagine your escort lady coming towards you in exciting lingerie and hair-raising heels: she beckons you with long, long legs and a firm bottom, with her pelvis tipped slightly forwards: WOW! There are probably a few prejudices about high heels in bed. Why not try it and see for yourself? Don’t worry: our escort ladies are in control of their sexy shoes, and they use them to set the mood for the ecstasy that lies ahead.

Better safe than sorry – Ballet flats

Who would have thought that? Most French women care more about comfort than appearance. 74% like it more comfortable when it comes to shoes. For safety’s sake, 76% of French women still pack ballerinas when they are taking out their stiletto heels. The German high heels lovers are a bit more daring. To be on a safe side 62% of them take comfortable shoes when they leave the house on high heels. The Italians are the least worried about their well-being of their feet, or rather tough when the chic heels should press: 46% of Italian beauties in high heels walk out the door without taking flat shoes. It is almost logical that the Italians on average have 16 pairs of very high heels in the shoe cupboard. More than the German and French ladies.