Hot escort service in ice hotels

Cold location for hot escort service – Ice hotels

I used to know ice bars. Such as the Icebar Amsterdam or Icebar London. A few days ago I found out about the existence of the Icehotels for the first time. Which are in Canada, Scandinavia, near the Arctic Circle, and Austria. So where it is freezing cold in winter. The ice hotels are in season from mid-December to April. Then the warmer temperatures take away the splendor. All ice hotels have to be rebuilt each winter. That’s why they all get a new look every year. The planning of an ice hotel begins months before winter. Designers from all over the world travel to the locations of the frosty hotels to redesign the building and the interior.

Ice and snow are needed

… … tons of them. The ice which is needed for the reconstruction of a hotel is usually obtained from a frozen river in very large blocks. The snow for the new building is diluted with water. This gives it stability which makes it easier to shape. The ice hotels have a constant temperature of -5 ° to -8 °. Of course, the interior of an ice hotel is also made from ice. Tables, chairs, windows, beds and lamps. With its handcrafted icy lustres, the “Hôtel de Glace” in Quebec, Canada, looks like a fairytale castle for an ice queen. For you and your ice-queen, that you booked through our escort agency in Hamburg.

A night under an icy sky with an escort lady

The snow hotels offer a unique overnight experience to their guests . This can take place either in a standard igloo or in an individually designed cold-suite. The suites are redesigned in an original way every year . The beds are made from a block of ice, on which a thick mattress lies, which rests on a kind of slatted frame. The mattress is covered with reindeer skins. Instead of bed linen every guest receives a high-tech thermal sleeping bag. And when you lie in bed you can discover the ice artists decorated ceilings and walls of the suites with huge works of art. Large ice stars, sculptures, oriental motifs or cleverly looking owls. Each themed suite is a real work of art that delights guests. Especially when the light of a candle shines on the ice and snow sculptures, enjoy an overnight stay which overshadows everything secular. Speaking of which, since we’re talking about to outclass. This is exactly where the love night will vanish, because on the one hand each one lies in their own sleeping bag, on the other hand your escort lady from our agency in Hamburg wears thick wool socks and thermal pants instead of silky stockings. This is the recommended nightwear for an overnight stay in the frosty luxury suite. It is not recommended to spend more than one night in freezing temperatures, therefore every ice hotel also offers cozy, warm hotel rooms. What a luck, then the stunningly attractive lingerie will be used in the second night in combination with the seduction skills of your sweet escort lady.

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