Escort service Japanese Style

The Latest Craze in Tokyo

Escort service Japanese style

…”rent a friend”. The idea of conveying friends in Tokyo came as a reaction to the enormous number of singles living in the mega city. Nobody needs to be lonely, everyone should have the option of booking a “friend”. The companions provided by this special type of escort service are made available by friendship service agencies. They are usually young male and female actors.

In Tokyo, or rather, in Japan, it is quite regular that many relationships are connected to the workplace. Here people work longer hours than in other countries. Thus colleagues and clients also become leisure partners, as time is scarce and people have no capacities to make friends beyond their professional scope. Yet it isn’t possible to get a lousy days work off your chest or to go dancing, dining out or visiting the cinema with them. It would also transgress strictly observed etiquette.

Friendship agencies offer exactly the right ‘sort’ of friend for every occasion. People seeking company have the option of booking a friend to go out with, to talk with, to attend family celebrations with – even false fiancés and fiancées are available. After all, if you’re 30 and not yet married, you might come under pressure by your family. A rented future spouse will win you some breathing space and the time you need to eventually find your proper soul mate.

Stressed tourists at war with Japanese street signs and menus can also profit from the services of a native ‘friend’. With a Japanese acquaintance by your side the unfamiliar symbols loose their threat, as do the unfamiliar rules of behaviour.

For gentlemen who are magically attracted by the charms of their ‘friends’ there is a fly in the ointment – don’t touch! If you are seeking erotic enchantment you will have to call on another agency or visit one of the cuddle cafés in Tokyo.

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