Mature clients

Mature clients or older men 60+,

Of course more mature clients 60+ are also welcomed at our Bellevue Escort Service. Ask our escorts which type of customers they prefer. So they answer that it is not about a certain type of man but they are really keen about polite, respectful men with humor and charm. Gentlemen who do not consider a meeting as “one woman show”, but also do their part to make a rendezvous an unforgettable two-sided pleasure. However, some very young escort models believe that it simply does not fit when they are booked by more older customers. Where “older” is a very elastic concept. For some escorts men at the end of 50 belong to the category “mature”, other ladies in turn decide for themselves that they perceive customers from the mid-60 as “older”.

This is always a very individual decision of the respective escort, which of course we accept and take into account when arranging dates. We like to introduce our 60+ clients to our charming mature escort ladies. Women between 30 and mid 40 who have changed their youthfulness for sensual maturity and female beauty. Women who attract attention and passion with their feminine appeal. We know that some mature men are most comfortable with the company of a mature woman. But basically, gentlemen always enjoy a completely stress-free time in the company of an escort lady. Sex, eroticism, cuddling and caresses are pleasure at any age. The escort service of our escort ladies always will make dreams become reality.

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