Jasmin- Hamburg, Bremen
Data and preferences
Service Escort Service, private dates
Fee Classic fee
Home area Hamburg
Age 36
Height 5"5 / 1,65
Bra size 80B, naturally
Dress size US 6 / GB 10 / GER 36
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Language skills German, English, Persian
Hobbies Music, reading, nature
Sports To swim, gym, Tennis
Drinks Water, Champgner
Cuisine Italian, Thai cuisine, open for others
Perfume Chanel "Chance", Thierry Mugler "Angel"
Smoking Non smoker
Availability Available on weekdays from 17:00 / 5PM, flexible on weekends
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About Jasmin

Hamburg Escorts introduces Jasmin

Escorts and escort service in:

Hamburg– Starting from 2 hours – No extra charges
Luebeck – Starting from 3 hours – 70 EUR travel expenses
Bremen – Starting from 3 hours – 100 EUR travel expenses
Hanover – Starting from 4 hours – 150 EUR travel expenses

More cities on request

Predicate: particulary lovable! Escort lady Jasmin’s warm-hearted and natural manner, her infectious smile and her talent for approaching people quickly establish closeness: you’ll feel as if you’ve known her for years!
Jasmin is eloquent and entertaining company; she likes to go out to all kinds of events and is quick to show her enthusiasm.
Our escort lady is a pleasure-loving person, and she enjoys life in all its facets. She is the perfect choice if you’re looking for an amusing evening at the side of a passionate woman. She’ll cuddle up to you and make you feel good every minute.
Start your evening with Jasmin with a nice dinner coupled with pleasant conversation. When you look past the candles into her big, dark eyes, you’ll know that sensuous moments of love and desire await you… 

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