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Escort Lady Mia delights gentlemen in Hamburg

Escort girl Mia introduces herself:

Of course I have thought about why I would like to work as an escort lady? What motivates me?
I want to get out of everyday life and meet new people in a pleasant atmosphere. Or more precisely, to get to know men in order to experience one or the other adventures with them in beautiful surroundings. I feel that I like to arrange my love life freely and openly and suspect that there is still a lot for me to discover about men, lust and eroticism.
Sex is beautiful and has a high value for me. But in my opinion it should not be the only connection between two people. The way to it through conversations, tender advances, laughing together and flirting up to this point I find just as erotic, because I am a woman with heart and feeling. I look forward to being your affectionate and secretive lover who plays with her charms and also tries herself out with you.

Gabi asked me during the interview what men like about me. I think they like my naturalness and friendliness, my smile, my pretty looks and last but not least my gorgeous natural breasts.
I am looking forward to beautiful encounters in Hamburg and hope that I can completely impress my gentlemen!

xoxo Mia
High Class Hamburg Escort Mia

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