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In many languages, “Greek love” is a euphemism referring to anal sex. Anal sex involves the insertion of the erect penis into the partner’s anus. The term also refers to the oral stimulation of the anus or to anal penetration using a strap-on. If both the woman and the man like it “Greek style”, the lovemaking can be a very intense experience, as the anal zone is highly sensitive. Even the gentlest touch can be extremely arousing. Many couples welcome anal sex as a source of variety in the erotic experience. However, caution is required here! The degree of arousal enjoyed during anal sex depends on how relaxed the woman is: the more relaxed she is, the more pleasure both partners will have.

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Sexy Anal Escortgirl mit erotischer UnterwäscheIt’s vital to use a lubricant in this case: it makes insertion of the penis easier, increasing the sensation of pleasure. For hygienic reasons, it’s also important to always use a condom when pracising “Greek love”!

If both partners like it and make the necessary preparations, lovemaking “the Greek way” can be a very special and intimate experience!
Why is anal sex referred to as “Greek love”? In ancient Greece, partnership between men, mostly between a boy and an experienced man, was highly regarded.

However, the experienced man of a certain social standing didn’t make love to the youths in every case. Rather, there were often love affairs between two young men for the simple reason that erotic relationships with girls were actually forbidden, unless the girl was a slave.


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