Escort Rates

We are available via telephone or email for any questions concerning our escort rates, escort service and your individual request. We will gladly give you advice concerning the organisation of weekend trips, an escort for your journey, vacation, fair trade or any other purpose and event.
Please insert the amount due into an open envelop which you will hand in at the beginning of the date. In order to avoid misunderstandings, your booked escort girl will have a short peak inside. Be helpful in this sometimes rather awkward situation. Once the financial aspect has been settled, nothing else will stand in the way of a wonderful date. Please take notice that the amount due is not negotiable. Our escort ladies do not wish to be confronted with financial problems.

All prices include VAT.

Travel expenses: For meetings outside the place of residence of the escort lady we charge a deposit of 30%.
Escort rates for couples: We charge a 50% surcharge for the second person.
Escort duo rates – two escorts: The rate doubles.


Dinner-date up to 3 hours Time 450 EUR
Private time,up to 2 hours 500 EUR
Private time,up to 3 hours 600 EUR
Private time,up to 4 hours 700 EUR
Private time,up to 6 hours 900 EUR
Private time,up to 8 hours 1100 EUR
 Overnight,up to 12 hours 1300 EUR
Overnight,up to 16 hours 1600 EUR
1 days,up to 24 hours 2000 EUR
2 days,up to 48 hours 3100 EUR
Weekend,up to 48 hours 2600 EUR
Every additional day 1000 EUR


Up to 2 hours private Time 700 EUR
Up to 3 hours 850 EUR
Up to 4 hours 1000 EUR
Up to 6 hours 1200 EUR
Up to 12 hours 1700 EUR
Long overnight, up to 16 hours 2100 EUR
1 day, up to 24 hours 2700 EUR
2 days, up to 48 hours 4300 EUR
Every additional day 1000 EUR

Minimum booking length

2 hours Hometown of the escort lady
3 hours Journey up to 50 km within Germany
4 hours Journey up to 100 km within Germany
6 hours Journey up to 150 km within Germany
12 hours (overnight) Journey within Germany
1 day (24 hours) Journey within Europe
2 days (48 hours) Journey worldwide

Travel expenses

Hometown None
Journey up to 50 km 50 EUR
Journey up to 100 km 100 EUR
Journey up to 150 km 150 EUR
Journey within Germany 100 EUR + flight-/ train ticket
Europe 150 EUR + flight
Worldwide 200 EUR + flight