Bellevue Escort Terms of business

Important notice for our customers

This website is an advertising platform for freelance provider / inside of services in modeling, monitoring and escort. Our Bellevue Escort Agency provides neither an illegal nor immoral or unethical service. Payment is due exclusively to the lady for the limited time spent with the escort models. Anything more is not part of the website. The escorts represented act independently and solely on his own account, ie, Bellevue Escort is not liable for the actions of individuals referred through the website.

There is no agreement or any obligation on your part when you mail us or e-mail us a reservation enquiry using our online registry form (and therefore show interest in booking an escort).

Bellevue Escort will then contact you by phone or e-mail to specify a reservation. When Bellevue Escort and you, the client, have come to agreement with the contract, the time booked and requested services; you will receive confirmation either per e-mail or over the phone.

Should the client wish to extend the time during a current date, this should be directly clarified with the booked escort who will then make all necessary arrangements with Bellevue Escort. The additional cost of extending a date is to be directly paid in cash to the escort.

The rates for each Escort are found under the point “rates” on the reservation side. In addition, travel expenses are accounted for when the Escort must travel to the client. You will find these additional fees on the reservation side.

Please note that the cost of flight and train tickets vary individually depending on the destination, season and availability.

All fees are valid upon reservation.

In case travel expenses should increase after booking an escort and closing a deal, it is then understood that these will be meet by the client.

Payment is done in cash in an unsealed envelope and given to the Escort. It is due at the beginning of the date, unless otherwise settled. Should an escort need to travel (by car, train or airplane) to meet the client or when booking three or more days, 30 % of the fee must be transferred onto our bank account.

BANK transfer:

Details upon request

Western Union

The reliable system of Western Union, with 245.000 receiving offices worldwide (e.g. all offices of the german postal service) guarantees, that your money will be payed off quickly and, even more important, to the right person.

Upon receipt of the payment on our account, the scheduled date is then binding.

Providing Bellevue Escort needs to make travel arrangement and reservations, the client must transfer all travel expenses prior to the scheduled date.


If for any important reason, should the client cancel at least 48 hours prior to the arranged date, the pre-payment will be put forward for a later reservation within a period of 4 weeks. If the customer should call the date off in a period less than 48 hours, the pre-payment invariably retained. The client must settle any costs resulting from cancelling booked train or flight tickets.

Bellevue Escort will do everything to meet the client’s personal wishes as well as all agreements. If the booked escort should cancel the date due to illness or an accident, Bellevue Escort will suggest another escort. If the client refuses the suggested substitute, all agreements are then void and the date cancelled. Bellevue Escort will reimburse any payment made prior to the cancelled date. This will be transferred back to the client’s account. Bellevue Escort will take full responsibility for any cancellation fee on condition that the client acquired travel insurance.

Bellevue Escort will not consider any other claims for compensation.

Bellevue Escort and/or the Escort reserve the right to cancel without adherence to any deadline prior to the reservation if the client acts in contrary to the terms of agreement. In this case, Bellevue Escort will not replace any costs and will retain the pre-payment of 30% as a substitution for our own expenses.

Bellevue Escort guarantees 100 % discretion. Trustworthy, respectable and reliable co-operation is of outer most importance and guaranteed.

All personal data are protected in accordance with the legal data protection regulations and in particular with the federal law for data protection.

Providing there is a possibility under “www.bellevue-” to disclose personal or business information (E-Mail addresses, name, addresses), it is the client’s voluntary choice to release this information.

Personal data is processed and used exclusively for carrying out and for booking a reservation. Personal data will not be given to any third party. By sending us the online registry form, the client agrees that we collect, process and use the given information within the above-mentioned scope.

Our agency arranges service agreements for our models to escort and entertain persons. We solely act as an agent. The service agreement is settled exclusively between the model and the client.

If individual policies of the agreement should be ineffective, that does not entail the inefficacy of the entire agreement.

The place of jurisdiction for general-merchants, for persons who do not have an area of jurisdiction, as well as for persons who have changed residency abroad after concluding the contract, is Hamburg (the location of our registered office).